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BTNC Chapter 2 The Girl with Silver Hair by ZandasNightmare BTNC Chapter 2 The Girl with Silver Hair by ZandasNightmare

BTNC Chapter 2 The Girl with Silver Hair by ZandasNightmare

/ ©2012-2016 ZandasNightmare
4 years... I…it’s been that long? It’ hard to believe that I’ve changed since that day I’m taller more mature my eyes….. It’s odd but one is blue and the other brown I keep that one covered with the part of my bangs hanging in front of my face and my hair turned silver and I have learned a lot from Rancor he told me that he was cursed to stay the age that he is now since he was trapped in his scythe form ,but the other day he told me he was taking back home to get some student’s for an old school that’s opening back up called The School of Nightmarez, He said that I was going to see my younger sister and after all these years to.

We always take a boat to go to another dimension, going through a purple and red vortex is always fun you know , the first stop was at White Heaven High school h-hang on this was the name of the elementary school that Kari went to! Rancor there’s something your not telling me…”well your friend Kari” yeah????? “she’s kind of a nightmare too she got it from her mother.

I threw my hand back and let it back into the side of his face He stood there and took the hit and asked me “want to tell me why I deserved that?” and told him as unhappy as I was “you stupid bastard! You could’ve told me that I was going to see my old friend again…” He stood there with the black and blue mark on his face and smirked “ he you never asked me” I looked at him and one last thing I said “ Smart ass demon”.

We arrived at my old home town the looks on everybody’s faces were just strange? This one little girl came up to me and asked “miss aren’t you kind of young to have white hair?” …….. “ I think I just died a bit inside rancor” Rancor chuckled and said to the little girl “her hair isn’t white it’s silver and you shouldn’t judge people from how they look” The little girl stared at him blankly and shouted “Your Old Too :D “It was pretty obvious that rancor wanted to either kill her or die right there those looks did look the same Rancor stood up and said “yes actually I’m about 33 years old ^-^” so many people stopped and looked at him you could hear them whispering so many things like “h- he can’t really be that old he doesn’t even look like it?!?!” “Maybe he had a face lift or something?” but like I said before he was cursed when he was 18 so he still looks like it…and acts like it.

We Started to look around the town to get to the high school and people kept pointing and laughing because they thought my hair was white, I have had just about enough of this bull crap, I looked over at rancor and saw that he was fed up as well, right then and there we heard gun shots there were four robbers and they grabbed me from behind and said “if anyone calls the cops the girl dies!” then the one guys said “doesn’t she seem kind of young to have white hair?” here we go again with this stupid shit! Someone tried to approach them and they set the gun put it to my stomach and pulled the trigger BOOM! There was a large silence among the crowd and I chuckled “he you think that’s going to kill me? You humans really are stupid aren’t you?” they all looked down at me and I took my leg and swung it up towards the robbers face and jumped backwards the dumb asses proceed to shoot at me and rancor came up behind me and said is it time to play now and went into his scythe form, “let the games began” I lifted him in the air and swung it into the ground opens up there greatest fears we didn’t have to do much work accept for the one decided to have and up close and personal fight with me, he took his gun and smacked me in the face which is not the best thing to do to a girl with a scythe I took it and swung right across his stomach, which it can’t kill a human since it’s a Nightmare Scythe it just puts him in a deep dark sleep that he can’t wake up from for an hour thus ending the fight. The Lesson learned here is to not fuck with a Nightmare.
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